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The official presentation of the International Foundation of Saint Sabbas the Sanctified took place in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade on October 8.

We went to Prizren and visited the Seminary; we presented the first scholarships from our Foundation to students, and we also provided a certain amount of money for maintaining the material base of the Seminary; we visited destroyed and burned Orthodox churches. Now, we have an approximate estimate of the level of the help needed for the restoration? - Mr. Torshin said.

The Foundation will be increasing its efforts directed to the restoration of Orthodox shrines in Kosovo because, generally speaking, these shines belong not only to the Serbian Orthodox Church. These are the values of the global level? - the Senator declared.

During the presentation of the Foundation of Saint Sabbas the Sanctified in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, representatives of the Foundation led by Aleksandr Torshin, President of the Foundation, met with Nebojša Stefanović, Chairman of Serbias Parliament, and with a member of the Foundation Board of Trustees and Deputy Chairman of Serbias Parliament, Nenad Popovic. Nebojša Stefanović and Aleksandr Torshin confirmed at the negotiations in Belgrade that the relationships between the two countries entered into a new and more advanced stage.

Stefanović expressed his gratitude to Aleksandr Torshin, who established the International Foundation of Saint Sabbas the Sanctified for the Preservation and the Restoration of Orthodox Churches in Kosovo Metohija, for the help to the Serbian population of this Serbian region.

Also, a delegation of the Foundation headed by Aleksandr Torshin met with Aleksandr Vulin, Head of the Governments Office for Kosovo and Metohija. After the meeting, Aleksandr Vulin emphasized that the Presidents Administration and the Serbian government continue to work on Serbias position on the Kosovo situation. But it is not going to be disclosed until the other party confirms its readiness to participate in the negotiations.

Aleksandr Torshin confirmed that Russia will continue to support Serbias territorial integrity and the Serbian people residing in Kosovo and Metohija.

On the same day, at the same high level, the presentation of the International Foundation of Saint Sabbas the Sanctified took place in the capitol of the Republic of Srpska -Banja-Luka. The President of the International Foundation Saint Sabbas the Sanctified, Aleksandr Torshin, his delegation and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, A.A. Bocan-Harchenko, were received by Nebojša Radmanović, Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then by the President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik. Main purposes and objectives of the Foundation, as well as specific plans of their implementation were discussed at the meetings. The Presentation of the International Foundation of Saint Sabbas the Sanctified took place in the Parliament of the Republic of Srpska. Igor Radojičić', Chairman of the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska, expressed his gratitude to Senator Torshin for the initiative to establish a humanitarian organization whose aim would be to preserve the objects of cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija. The Foundations representatives also shared with the deputies further plans of their activity and obtained their support.